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The McRib!

Mmmmm McRib


Every so often I allow myself the indulgence of eating the McRib from McDonalds.

I’ve been eating McRibs since I was a kid. I always look forward to when they come back on the menu.

McDonalds does a great job in marketing the McRib. They take a niche product and reintroduce it every so often to create new news advertising for the brand. This creates incremental sales for the chain during key periods of time. This also sets customers into a frenzy for the McRib. People write songs and post blogs like this all the time talking about the McRib.

When I see the commercial on TV telling me that the McRib is back I make it my personal goal to have one before it leaves again. Sure, I have no idea what kind meat is in the McRib. And yes, I know there is 10,000 calories in each one. Given all that nothing can compare to the saucy goodness of BBQ smothered pressed meat.

Until next time McRib. I say next time since it will take me at least a year to recover from the one I just ate.

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Year End Review 2008 Mayhem Style

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Sitting here I am thinking of what lies ahead for me in 2009. Will the economy come back around? Will my career take a turn I am not expecting? Will my wife and kids continue to drive me insane:) But I can’t really get to far ahead of myself without taking a quick look back at how 08 shaped up for me.

Let’s start with the good things.

My loving Wife – after 15 years of marriage she still puts up with my crap.

My awesome kids – bringing constant enjoyment and chaos to my life (I wouldn’t have it any other way).

Bella – added a new addition to the fam. A black lab puppy named Bella.

Metal – This year a ton of great Metal albums came out. Here is a short review:

  • Metallica/Death Magnetic: Metal Gods are back
  • Motley Crue/Saints of Los Angeles: It’s like they never went away. Oh yeah, I read Nikki Sixx‘s book “Heroin Diaries“. All I can say is WOW!!
  • Disturbed/Indestructible: Best album since their debut
  • Slipknot/All Hope is Gone: So so effort I felt.
  • Guns n Roses/ Chinese Democracy: Good Axl Solo album, but not a GnR album

Things I’ve Learned – I dove into the social media pool earlier in 08 and I am now swimming without help. I learned that it’s bad to mix my wife’s family with my family at Xmas time (the horror). I can now make an awesome Mango Martini

Capitals: Caps winning the SE division and making the playoffs. Ovechkin winning a ton of NHL awards.

Travel: I traveled to Chicago, Buffalo and to Bermuda. Need to travel more in 09.

Movies: Iron Man and the Dark Night were fantastic

Health: I’ve been averagine 8:49 miles. I haven’t done this since high school

Things that went bump in the night:

Gas prices – Seriously, $4 for gas?

The recession – Great that the government finally admitted that we were in a recession. It only took them a year.

My house – cracked foundation yet again:(

Redskins – They started off great but ended the year in shambles.

Looking ahead I can only wonder what’s going to come across my path. I hate to try and predict the future because that eliminates the surprise of life. I once heard that chaos is good. I could not agree more.


Here to an unpredictable 09.

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So we’re in a recession. Who knew?

This past week the  National Bureau of Economic Research announced that the US economy has been in a recession since December of last year. Wow, it took them a whole year to determine this? This news didn’t come as a surprise to US citizens, what with the housing situation/high gas prices and now the layoffs.The endless news feeds telling us that another bank has problems or that the auto industry is in trouble.


For all of this I have two words. PRESS ON!!

I was recently in a meeting where the speaker talked about “Press On”. He was referring to the fact that the recession we are in right now is a mere moment in time and that it makes no sense to dwell on the abysmal economy. But to focus on what we personally can control. Making sure that your family is safe and secure. Make sure you are in good health both personally and professionally. With the holiday season is full swing it becomes difficult not to dwell on the negative but remember, a new year brings new possibilities. Think about ways to positively effect what you can control. If you have to make monetary cut backs for the time being then do it. Recessions always end, it just may take longer for this one to end.

So Mayhem, aren’t you concerned about the state of the nation?

Yes I am. Working in the advertising field makes me a prime target for layoffs. For a company the first thing they usually look to do is cut marketing budgets. Which means that my job and others in my field are not as secure as we would like. Everything I have heard points to a reduced advertising/marketing pressence for 2009. Even from a QSR stand point the budgets could be lower in 09. One thing that concerns me with QSR’s is the franchisee’s. Not the really big ones but the “little guys”. The guys that own a handful of stores. I am already hearing that the “little guys” are in financial troubles and that a prolonged recession will all but close them down.

Mayhem, How are dealing with things then?

Well, I crank up the metal \m/ to 11 (Spinal Tap reference) and rock out. I also enjoy the time I have with my wife and kids (I know sappy). I also follow my Redskins and Capitals!

Oh, and I “Press On”.

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