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Year End Review 2008 Mayhem Style

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Sitting here I am thinking of what lies ahead for me in 2009. Will the economy come back around? Will my career take a turn I am not expecting? Will my wife and kids continue to drive me insane:) But I can’t really get to far ahead of myself without taking a quick look back at how 08 shaped up for me.

Let’s start with the good things.

My loving Wife – after 15 years of marriage she still puts up with my crap.

My awesome kids – bringing constant enjoyment and chaos to my life (I wouldn’t have it any other way).

Bella – added a new addition to the fam. A black lab puppy named Bella.

Metal – This year a ton of great Metal albums came out. Here is a short review:

  • Metallica/Death Magnetic: Metal Gods are back
  • Motley Crue/Saints of Los Angeles: It’s like they never went away. Oh yeah, I read Nikki Sixx‘s book “Heroin Diaries“. All I can say is WOW!!
  • Disturbed/Indestructible: Best album since their debut
  • Slipknot/All Hope is Gone: So so effort I felt.
  • Guns n Roses/ Chinese Democracy: Good Axl Solo album, but not a GnR album

Things I’ve Learned – I dove into the social media pool earlier in 08 and I am now swimming without help. I learned that it’s bad to mix my wife’s family with my family at Xmas time (the horror). I can now make an awesome Mango Martini

Capitals: Caps winning the SE division and making the playoffs. Ovechkin winning a ton of NHL awards.

Travel: I traveled to Chicago, Buffalo and to Bermuda. Need to travel more in 09.

Movies: Iron Man and the Dark Night were fantastic

Health: I’ve been averagine 8:49 miles. I haven’t done this since high school

Things that went bump in the night:

Gas prices – Seriously, $4 for gas?

The recession – Great that the government finally admitted that we were in a recession. It only took them a year.

My house – cracked foundation yet again:(

Redskins – They started off great but ended the year in shambles.

Looking ahead I can only wonder what’s going to come across my path. I hate to try and predict the future because that eliminates the surprise of life. I once heard that chaos is good. I could not agree more.


Here to an unpredictable 09.

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