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Play like a Rock God and eat some chicken while you’re at it!

In the last several weeks several QSR’s have launched promotional tie-ins with video games/consoles. In the world of “new” media, advertisers are looking at every conceivable avenue to try and promote their Brand.

KFC and Guitar Hero World Tour:

KFC launched the “KFC Rocks” Guitar Hero World Tour contest in conjunction with the video game‘s recent launch and KFC’s branded in-game integration and on-cup video game promotion. The contest allows gamers to attempt to beat Guitar Hero expert Dave Barley’s high score for the chance to win a year’s supply of KFC and $2,500.

I can attest to the KFC product placement in the GH game. I was shredding to a Jane’s Addiction song when I notice the KFC bucket very prominently displayed on the screen.

Burger King Gift Card and Wii Promotional Tie-in.

Just in time for the holidays, Burger King has kicked of a promotional tie-in with the Wii. The sweepstakes offers customers a chance to win one of 500 Wii systems with a purchase of a BK Crown card.

Each card purchased at Burger King restaurants and online between 11/10 and 1/4 will come with a detachable instan win sweepstakes game piece for an opportunity to win a Wii. The BK Crown cards will be Wii themed with popular Nintendo characters

The Wii is still a popular item around the holidays. There are already rumblings that they again will be hard to come by this year. It will be interesting to see if Burger King’s gift card sales spike sharply during this promotion.

So why are Brands doing this?

Video games have become an entry level for brands trying to reach a younger demo. Brands are using online games and in-game advertising to place there logos throughout the gaming experience.

How does the recent economic landscape play into this?

Despite success in the video game industry it is likely that the current state of the economy will slow the rollout of these types of ventures. Brands will not look to use “experimental” advertising until the economy comes back online (no pun intented).

EMarketer estimated that U.S. marketers spent $2.6 billion on “experimental” advertising in 07 (social networking sites, mobile devices, video games, online videos and web widgets). With the tough times this number will more than likely be reduced for 08. 09 will not look much better.

All that said, the next time I play GH I just might have a bucket of chicken next to me.

Happy gaming!


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How to Cope with Integrated Accounts

I attended a AAAA’s Seminar this past week regarding Leadership for Integrated Accounts. I was in a room full of other Account Service professionals from different agency’s. While we all had different backgrounds and different life lessons one common theme ran through us. How do we be the best Account Service leader for our clients?

Advertising for Dummies
The answer seems difficult and complex, but you know what? It really is simple. All you have to do is educate yourself on what is effecting the client and their business. I will use myself as a case in point (not grand standing I promise). I started my agency life as a Traffic Coordinator, from their I dabbled in Creative and finally ended up in Account Service. I think beginning my career as a Traffic Coordinator gave me the mind set to learn different disciplines within an agency. Fast forward to the present and I have gained knowledge in Promotions, Media (planning and buying), grass root campaigns, non profit campaigns, creative and finally social media. I have made a point  to read the industry trade pubs or relevant blogs pertaining to the client. I also follow and track what the clients competition is doing. I learned this early on and it really helps.

A few months ago I could not tell you what Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebookor Digg meant or there purpose. I made the concisious effort to leap into the Social Media pool and find out for myself. I not only started understanding how everyone communicated. I also started to understand how clients can benefit from using Social Media (and when they shouldn’t use it). Needless to say I am hooked.

My point is, everyone in the agency especially the Account Service team should have knowledge of all the different facets of the agency. This will make you invaluable to the client along with inside your agency. As Account Service our jobs are increasingly complex, it’s up to us to dig down and make sure we understand all that is out there to help lead our clients and agency.

Oh, yeah! One piece of advice I was given yesterday. Unless your client asks for it, NO MORE CONFERENCE REPORTS!!

I’ll drink to that.


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Diary of a Madman

As I sit here starring at an imposing blank screen I am wondering what I should write about. Should I write about what this blog will be about? Should I write about my life? Both?

As I am writing these words I am realizing that this is like a therapy session. But before I get into deep let me give a little background about me.

For the past 10 years I have been working in the marketing/advertising field. Funny thing is that I never went to college to be in this field. I went to school and graduated with a PR degree. I can B.S. with the best of them:). My marketing specialty is in the retail sector. I would list the clients I have worked for but I am going to respect their privacy. I have worked with some really interesting people over the years and I have made a ton of great friends. The best part of my job is that I get to try new things every day.

Now as for my personal life I am married and have twin girls that run me ragged. I am a huge DC sports fan. You will probably see a ton of posts about my beloved Redskins and Capitals. You won’t see many posts if any about the Orioles or Wizards. I am a fare-weather fan when it comes to those teams. I love music, especially hard rock/metal. On occasion I will listen to other things but dealing in my line of work metal let’s me get my aggression out.

You may be wondering where I live. Well let’s just say it’s in the heart of NASCAR country. NO! I am not a NASCAR fan. Since I was born and raised in the DC area and I drove around the beltway so many times that I feel like a driver. Sorry, didn’t mean to get off topic.

So anyway feel free to tag along with me as I try and navigate work and personal life. Like I said before this feels like a way for me to share with the world what it’s truely like to be a “Mad Man”.

P.S. Not trying to cash in on the “Man Men” show. Just thought it was a cute way to start my blog.



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